In this section you will find our selection of master study programs, such as:

  1. MA01A Master of Daoist and East Asian Acupuncture
  2. MA02M Master of Daoist Massage
  3. MA03Q Master of teaching Qigong
  4. MA04D Master of teaching Daoyin and Alchemy
  5. MA05T Master of teaching Taijiquan
  6. MA06TC Master of Transcultural studies
  7. MA07DR Master of Daoland Research

The expected course trajectory is as follows:

  1. Three modules for learning and doing research
  2. Three modules for theory
  3. Three modules for skill development
  4. Apprenticeship (in therapeutic MA 2000hours WHO norm/no exclusions)

For the apprenticeship counts that:

  • for research and transcultural studies counts the period that is required to complete the research or task with a minimum for half a year
  • for teaching and learning an apprenticeship of 2000 hours
  • for therapeutic skills and apprenticeship of minimal 2000 hours

For apprenticeships no exemptions are provided to guarantee optimum qualification

The expected study time is 1-3 years. 

Prerequisite for entering this program is the Bachelor Daoland Healthcare or a comparable studyprogram assigned proper ecst. 

This minor has three modules to help you forward in understanding, developing  and interpreting research, research testing and research results within an academic and holist perspective

module 1: creating research

module 2: setting up your research project

module 3: interpreting your result outcomes