Nature of the program

This study category contains the Bachelor Daoland Healtcare practitioner Study program at an academic level

Study goals

To help you develop yourself on the basic level of skill and understanding of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Medicine in preparation of a professional career as a health specialist in a modern context. It also prepares for one or more of the Daoland Clinical Master Studies in teaching, therapeutic, research, policy building, spirituality, history, development, etc

The specified modern context includes:

a) participation in developing Daoland healthcare as a cooperative member

b) managing your own business and supporting that of other daolanders and the educational environment to support continuous coherence and quality.

c) participation in political and social issues

d) participation in the promotion of the cooperatively owned daoland health movement

e) participation in research and development

f) building health centered social communities 

g) last but not least: promote basic support for humane developments and open societies

Study structure

  1. The program is structured around the combination of 16 study modules, and 2000 hour of apprenticeship time. The studies are split in 4 categories of 4 modules each: basic science, basic theories, basic skills, electives. 
  2. Each module has a studyload of about 150 study hours minimum. The total study load is expected to be 2400 hours excluding the apprenticeship time (2000hours World health organisation Standard).
  3. the study program is organized around high academic standards and deep cultural values
  4. The program helps you to earn income in a short time when still studying
  5. The study program in full time can be completed in 2-3 year time.  A follow up in the form of a Master program is available. 
  6. The program teaches you many facts, but through the associated basic skills you come to a true emperical understanding that is not bookish or false. On top of that, it allows you to immedeately develop yourself as a Healthcare Worker active in many fields of Medicine as East Asian Medicine sees it. This includes exercise skill, beauty skill, health development. 
  7. The program costs is based on a continuous payment plan untill the day of graduation. The signup as donator makes you owner of the future of the program, but also serves as incentive to speed up learning to minimize your expenses. 
  8. Modules can also be individually followed through payment per paypall.


This Healthcare program is called Daoland and stands in opposition and completion to both regular Biomedical healthcare, The westernized TCM, TJM, and TKM hands-on styles of modern day Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Medicine, without forgetting to be modern, scientific and functional.

The core quality of the program that is is not only holistic in theory, but in actual practice, it is affordable to study, and modularly segmented to allow you to develop along modern academic principles as to be able to compete with non-Daoland practitioners on the highest level. 

The idea of healthcare is to have a community. So the courses are designed to help develop that sense of community and unity as a group, but to allow for individual development of knowledge and skills as is the historical tradition of East Asian science from the Zhou dynasty onwards.

As a community you are asked to help develop the community and generate exchange programme;'s for graduates so that information and skills keep on flowing and developing. Likewise your study outcomes can be used to improve the quality of the studies or to add whole new subjects to it in the form of graduate or post graduate modules. Science is democratic. nature is hiarchical due to its principles, which according to east asian scientific ideologyu is moving  from the simple  to the complex, from the complex to the overload, and from the overload through the systemic. 

We are sure you will appreciate these courses as a great added value to your life. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Each module designer will take his or her own vision with them, again showing how difference makes better and deeper!