Chinese health culture is based on 13 founding theories, which will be discussed in these modules, from yin-yang, to birth-death, tripartition and gender issues. 

Health directed study in Basic theories outlining skills and theories in Ayurvedic and related medicine systems, allowing for crossover to transcultural and integrated approaches (test description)

This module provides you with in depth knowledge about 13  theoretical views originating in East Asian Traditional Culture from the perspective of classics and history, but also with a critical note towards modern history in east and west. 

This module provides you with in depth knowledge about The East Asian Traditional Biological view on the body and personhood in comparison with the anatomical and physiological view on the body of western biology. The view takes a systemetic approach to viewing the body from the perspective of the classics and history of Chinese medicine, Daoist Gongfu, alchemy and mysticism.

In this module you are developing understanding in Daoland Health theory and practice choices both as instructor and coach, and prepreratory as Therapist and Teacher. It compares the Yangsheng Healthcare views with ideas on sports, nursing, care professions, dietary counceling, company building, social networking, policy making, and personal and professional ethics.