Contains all the files of the Basic Science modules BS01; BS02; BS03; BS04 and their subcategories

Introduction in to the handling and scientific background of your program. 

There are 12 chapters

Basic Science 01 program introduction

BS01-1 Advised program order

BS01-2 Black box guide to study content

BS01-3 Study point counter

BS01-4 Description of plan educational content

BS01-5 Bachelor program student passport

BS01-6 Transculturalism and the proces of testing

BS01-7 Transculturalism and healthcare systems

BS01-8 Transculturalism and motivation

BS01-9 Transculturalism and socialisation

BS01-10 Transculturalism and methods of learning

BS01-11 Transculturalism and meditative learning

BS01-12 Transcultural examples of alternative learning

In this program you will learn the basics of transculturalism and setting up a root administration for managing results, planning study and developing point collecting diagrams. Every topic comes with one or more assignments to help you develop an idea on how the learning and testing program of the IOC Daoland Healtcare works. Reading into core ideas behind   the study program familiarizes you with the goals of the study, summarizing the articles gives a lead to directing further study content.

Combines with BS03-5 booklist & BS04-1 (subject list)

You can work through the topics one by one in every order that seems fit to you. 

This course is is about reporting and writing. In this course you report about the practice courses such as the Zhong Wujigong, Wudang Taiji Gongfu, the Acupuncture Facelift etc. 

This course is to be used in combination with the Personal Wiki  and database as developed in BS01

In preparation for your masterstudies the Bachelor program needs to be completed with a defendable Bachelor paper. In this module you bring together all the aspects of your studies and develop one vision about your final paper's format and content in anticipation of your chosen master study program. The actual writing of your paper partly takes place after conclusion of at least 80% of your study content.