This module will guide you through the practice basics and requirements of the Daoland Neidan sports program. It can be followed in combination with the Daoland Yangsheng module and Basic Theories of comparatieve anatomy and physiology of which the first chapters are required and included in this course. It is completed with proper rapportage, and prepares for the bulk of the individual fasttrack course contents.

this program is an essential part of the Daoland Zhenwu Sports fasttrack practice program and also serves as an introduction program in preparation for the Master teacher of Wudang taiji sports. It can also be combined with the module Wudang Spiritual Warrior.

students participating in a wudang taiji 13 class

In this course simple physiological practices are shown in a video learning based program and comes in addition with a video streaming program. 

Examination takes place in the form of rapportage and is added to the a final paper of 25 pages of the relevant fasttrack. If you follow several Zhenwu sports fasttrack modules you are required to follow this topic only once, unkless the time between the fasstracks is more then 5 years. The full course can be completed in as little as 6 months. This part in as little time as a month. Your practice can be learned through video learning and corrective video conferencing and streaming video classes. 

The expected study load is light because the Daoland instructor course are intended to be grasroot practice. The grasroot practice is a good means to develop your own health and learn simple switches in the managmenert of your physiology and emotions. The theory offers you talking subjects in your class, but it also has to help you develop an appreciation for the profession of instructor as different from teacher or master. In higher levels your content studies ties you deeper to deep theory and responsibility. This practice roots you firmly in discipline and altruist sharing as both Confucians and Daoist see it.