This course offers an understanding in the principles of the Daoland Healthcare program. It is a great introduction into the ideology behind the Transcultural Daoland concept that is at the foundation of the revolutionary learning methods of the International Oriental College. 

In the module you learn:

  1. about the different skills, and their functions for self-managing your biological functioning and prevention of premature aging
  2. about the treatment and learning methodology of the Daloland program
  3. about the scientific and philosophical basis of the program
  4. other basics of understanding health

If you are just interested in healthcare or you are considering a Bachelor-Master study at the IOC Daoland this course is a perfect starting point. it is affordable and short enough to complete it in a matter of weeks. It can be used as a part of external studies and as part of an elective.

It can best be followed with basics of anatomy and physiology and Daoland Healthcare II