DFPIN: Short practice based courses wudang gongfu sports, massage, nourishment, and beauty form skill development:

A grouping of shorter study trajectories that get you to work within half a year based on Daoist hands-on and sharing methodology to provide basic non diagnostic services in managing body, personality and behaviour towards health and happiness and resolving health issues indirectly.

The basic skills to develop in these 30+ courses are tested through:
1) attendence
2) apprenticeship,
3) summarizing and reporting,
4) submission of inclusive final paper and skill demonstration.

Some courses are through video streaming, but certain skills like massage and acupuncture have to be learned under the guidance of a teacher for safety reasons, which means inviting a teacher or travelling to a teacher. You can qualify to be a skill development assistent or even a teacher after sufficient study and experience.

Once graduated you can apply for monitoring new participants for these aspects:
a) safety monitoring
b) skill monitoring
c) peer review
This is a first step up toward advanced learning in Grassroot teaching of aspiring instructors.